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Cleaning, Sealing & Polishing

Dunlop offers a range of high performance cleaning, sealing and polishing to maintain surfaces around the home so they look better for longer.

Timber, Vinyl & Laminate

  • Dunlop Perfect Polish

    Dunlop Perfect Polish


    An easily applied (by mop) polish which produces a durable high quality shine in 2-3 coats for timber, vinyl and laminate floors.

  • Dunlop Polish Prep

    Dunlop Polish Prep


    A deep cleaning solution which will remove dirt, marks, existing sealers and coatings from timber, vinyl and laminate floors to be polished.

  • Dunlop Quick-Seal Laminate Joint Sealant

    Dunlop Quick-Seal Laminate Joint Sealant


    A flexible and long lasting sealant that protects laminate and timber floor boards from moisture and water damage.

  • Dunlop Revive & Shine

    Dunlop Revive & Shine


    A neutral, multipurpose cleaner and maintainer that enhances the appearance of sealed floors. Use monthly to reduce the appearance of scuffing, increases durability and improves gloss levels on timber, vinyl and laminate floors.


  • Dunlop Tile Grout Cleaner

    Dunlop Tile Grout Cleaner


     An effective and easy to use everyday neutral cleaner that will remove general household dirt, grime and oils on tiles and grout.


  • Dunlop Concrete Resurfacer Sealer

    Dunlop Concrete Resurfacer Sealer


    A clear durable and hardwearing "wet -look" sealer that protects and enhances concrete floor surfaces. Tintable to a range of popular colours.

  • Dunlop Enhancing Sealer

    Dunlop Enhancing Sealer

    A clear durable and hard wearing "wet-look" sealer that protects and enhances many different surfaces.

  • Dunlop Grout Sealer

    Dunlop Grout Sealer


    A water-based protective sealer which penetrates and cures within the pores of the grout. The sealer is fast drying and the bottle contains a brush for easy application.

  • Dunlop Natural Look Sealer

    Dunlop Natural Look Sealer


    A water based, penetrating sealer. It maintains the natural appearance of the surface whilst offering superior stain resistance of both oil and water based stains making sealed areas easier to clean. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use with excellent UV resistance, it is suitable over a wide range of surfaces.

  • Dunlop Sealer Tint

    Dunlop Sealer Tint


    A tint to colour Dunlop Concrete Resurfacer Sealer