Floor Adhesives

The Dunlop range of high performance flooring adhesives provides solutions for sticking down floor coverings such as artificial grass, cork tiles, vinyl, carpet tiles and timber.

Floor Adhesives

  • Dunlop Ardit MS Timber Floor Adhesive

    Dunlop Ardit MS Timber Floor Adhesive


    A one part, solvent free, moisture curing modified silane timber adhesive. The combination of high internal strength and elasticity allows for the natural movement of timber floors to occur and resists timber cupping.

  • Dunlop Ardit PU Primer

    Dunlop Ardit PU Primer

    A one part solvent free polyurethane primer suitable for priming porous, non-porous and damp substrates. It can slao be used as a green slab concrete sealer.

  • Dunlop Ardit PU Timber Floor Adhesive

    Dunlop Ardit PU Timber Floor Adhesive


    A one part, solvent free, shear resistant, moisture curing polyurethane timber adhesive.

  • Dunlop Artificial Grass Adhesive

    Dunlop Artificial Grass Adhesive


    A high strength, all weather adhesive suitable for laying artificial grass, outdoor carpet and marine carpet for both indoor and outdoor projects. 

  • Dunlop Carpet & Cork Adhesive

    Dunlop Carpet & Cork Adhesive


    A water-based, high strength adhesive that is suitable for use over a range of surfaces such as concrete, marine ply and fibre-cement sheet.

  • Dunlop Carpet Tile Adhesive

    Dunlop Carpet Tile Adhesive

    Light Green

    A water-based, pressure sensitive adhesive suitable for vinyl-backed carpet tiles, VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile) and underlay installations.

  • Dunlop Ready-to-Go Vinyl Adhesive

    Dunlop Ready-to-Go Vinyl Adhesive

    Light Blue

    A revolutionary spray-on adhesive, suitable for applying vinyl sheet and vinyl tile to a variety of substrates. The newly laid area is trafficable immediately.

  • Dunlop Vinyl Adhesive

    Dunlop Vinyl Adhesive


    A water-based high strength, easy to spread adhesive for sticking vinyl sheet and vinyl tiles to most concrete and timber surfaces.